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Our journey started in 1977 first in Bursa Food Site with the production under the brand “Bizden”. Our modern production facility with a capacity of 300 tons of productions per day located on an area of 15.000 m2 in Bursa Hasanaga Organized Industrial Zone where we moved in 2004 by increasing our R&D studies as well as our production ranges and capacity is in a position to be serve as a model in all respects and has the characteristic that it can achieve important and successful works not only for Bursa but also for Turkey's EU accession process.

Our products produced on the leading edge, under hygiene conditions, untouched by human hands, in conformity with HACCP, ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 quality documents under qualified Food Engineers’ watch.

In our production facilities, all surfaces that our products touch are made of stainless steel. With the exemplary hygienic barrier installed at the entrance of our facilities, employees cannot enter the facility without being disinfected. The floors in the facility where the production process is untouched by human hands are covered with an antibacterial material called “ucrete”. Even the elevators in the facility which is designed and built entirely for food production are covered with stainless steel which is applied in hospitals.

High quality standards and microbiological controls are meticulously carried out in every process of raw materials since their first entrance to the facility to sending them as end product. Under our registered trademark BİZDEN, we produce and offer a total of 120 types of products such as beans (common bean, chickpea, lentil, rice, bulgur, horse bean, shell bean, corn, wheat), bakery products (pasta, meat pasty, noodle, couscous, vermicelli, flour), desserts (halva, tahini, molasses, sponge pastry rolls in syrup), cooking aids (cornstarch, wheat starch, rice flour, semolina, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, cocoa) as well as canned peas, tomato sauce, tea, coffee, sugar (granulated, cube, castor) in accordance with our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System document and ISO 22000 HACCP Food Safety Management System document on the leading edge, untouched by human hand.

Our Product Lines:

  • Bean package unit
  • Bean sifting unit
  • Meat pasty unit
  • Rice flour unit
  • Coffee unit
  • Cube-sugar unit
  • Double sugar
  • twisting unit
  • Castor sugar unit
  • Powder products unit
  • Baking powder/Vanilla/Baking soda unit

Our products are produced with care and quality and are offer to our customers in our company carrying out its activities with the mission of meeting more than expected by producing desired products of our customers, in the way they desire, at desired place and time and in desired manner.

“It is a must for a product especially to be healthy and good to become a brand.”

                                                                                                 Seçkin ONUR

Apart from using the most advanced technology, we employ the best personnel and train them according to the best training techniques to get the best production results. Keeping up with the modern technologies and the importance given to human resources have a high priority in our company’s growth and development.

Our company, which determines the principle of “change before change” as a manner of life has always broken new grounds up to date in its sector. The developments of information age are closely followed by our company and all the developments that contribute to our business is adopted to our company in the shortest time possible.

The goal of our company; is to be a reliable food producer producing the most hygienic and healthy products of Turkey in international quality standards by using developing technologies with its trained personnel.

“I cannot allow the food that I cannot let my grandchildren eat to be produced in my factory.”

                                                                                                                    Seçkin ONUR

Our principle for production is “To produce the healthiest, the most hygienic and of the highest quality products for our consumers who prefer our products, provide our factory to be established and make us work”.

The working principle of our company is focused around the idea of “Customers are our top priority”. Our general principle is to give our customers the best, fastest and most efficient service. Having high business ethics and being honest is our irreplaceable business motto.

In order to provide the best service, we ask ourselves frequently: “How can we do it better?” We take lessons from both our achievements and mistakes.

These are the main themes that make us different. Vegetable production in the Marmara Region, especially the dry legumes agriculture has developed rapidly, thousands of villagers have been provided means of living and thousands of employees have been provided job opportunity.

In addition, we plan to offer organic products to our customers by carrying out the agricultural production of our own products by ourselves in the most natural way within the next years.

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