Human Resources

How Do We Choose Our Workmates?

Seçkin Onur provides job opportunities for new graduates and experienced professionals and also it provides internship opportunities for students.

We, as human resources, visit universities every year to reach new graduates. We encourage young and talented candidates to become members of our company by expressing our values.

We provide all kinds of personnel needs during the year with the announcements that we publish at "". We determine the candidates that meet the required qualifications among the job applications, then we invite them our company in order to recognize them and to introduce our company to the candidates. In the recruitment process, we select candidates who are qualified for position, qualifications and corporate culture by applying all or a few of the following assessment instruments. 

  • Competency based interviews, 
  • Tests (numerical / verbal general ability), 
  •  Personality inventories.

We offer candidates who are eligible for all of these evaluations to become a member of our company.

Educational Opportunities

We provides trainings under the name of the Orientation Training to the people who started to work in the company that introducing our institution and speeding up their adaptation to the business.

In the direction of our growing and developing organization, the personal development trainings, functional professional development trainings and some compulsory trainings are provided by specialized internal trainers and professional training firms to our employees, who are the most valuable source of our company, to enable them to fulfill their duties and responsibilities more efficiently, to develop their professional and personal knowledge and skills.

Career Planning

Employees and the organization are frequently reviewed to enable that our company can achieve its goals and maintain its success permanently and at this stage it is ensured that candidates with high performance among our company employees are assigned to higher positions.

Salary and Benefits

The salaries in our company are increased twice a year by taking into consideration the inflation rate and performance evaluations, according to the duties of our workmates.

The wage package consists of salary, premium (for sales staff), meal (lunch is provided by our company. meal ticket is provided for our workmates, to whom the meal is not provided), transportation (for the arrival and departure of the workplace, the shuttle is provided by our company. for our workmates to whom shuttle is not provided travel expenses are paid) and other benefits.

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